2020 is just a number

2020 is just a number. So will 2021 be. The switch over to January from December won’t force or stop the changes we’d like. I’ve come to accept this.

Now acceptance does not mean giving up. It means acknowledging what is true and working with it. And what is true is that December 31, 2020 is not a special endgame. It’s just another day.

When the calendar flips to January 1st, 2021, our problems likely won’t go away. Or they might—we just can’t know. But there likely won’t be a well-deserved sigh of relief that the pandemic has ended or the world is back to normal. The calendar’s beginning and end are arbitrary, not goalposts.

Think of the ancient Hebrew calendar mentioned many times in the Bible. Their New Year did not line up with our modern New Year. The modern Hebrew still doesn’t. But we’d like to think that January 1st is a universal reset.

The truth is, the change we hope for can happen any day. Acceptance of this fact means we take control of our destiny: though the storm rages or stops, we remain with our eyes on Jesus who has the true power for our change.

May Christ be our strength starting now. Like the following passage says, so similarly to Philippians 4:13:

Happy New Year starting Today!

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