Something that turns off non-Christians is our obsession with the end of the world and our getting to heaven. Non-Christians see the here and now, the decaying environment, the political corruption, the wars, famines, injustices, and natural disasters. But we’re focused on who the Antichrist will be, or when we’ll be taken away from all this, or even what the Israeli PM had for breakfast. Meanwhile, the poor are oppressed, the sick die, and the demon-possessed suffer.

Yes, we must always have faith that we are citizens of heaven and seated at the right hand of Christ. But what good is that faith without good works? If we aren’t helping the weak, what good is our strength? What good is our position as children of God if we don’t use that power?

We’re worried about when the Great Tribulation will come, when it already has been here since the first century. The real enemy and his spiritual powers already have much of the world under his influence. The antichrists have already been here since John wrote about them in his day (see 1 John).

Let’s stop trying to escape and writing off the world as a dumpster fire. We’re meant to change the world. We’re meant to be a light on the hill. We’re meant to be the Kingdom of God—today.

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