In the eternal game of good versus evil, Jesus has curb stomped satan. Our side is so ahead, we are playing from a place of victory—we have the guaranteed win because this late in the game, there’s no way the enemy could ever score enough to catch up. The enemy just tries to do as much damage as they can to keep our win as the least humiliating to them as possible, clawing away at us in the deep desperation of their knowledge that their time of failure draws near. The game is almost over and is over at the same time: their side is running a fool’s errand.

So should we let our guard down? No, but fight with joy instead of anxiety. Every attack on us is a blind swipe by demons who know their fates, fates of eternal damnation and gloom. Fight because we are considered worthy by God of fighting against these powers and forces. Whether personal or societal or everything in between, these governing authorities of darkness are already collapsed under the weight of our cheering cloud of witnesses who, now in Heaven, know the end result firsthand.

You see, James wrote to us, “consider it joy when you go through various trials.” (James 1:2). Why? Because it produces endurance so we can get to the end goal, the finishing of the competition, that we may be “perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:4)

If anyone lacks the wisdom to understand this idea, James continues, they should ask God for it, because he gives Wisdom freely if we ask. (James 1:5). But ask without doubting the end result: our victory over satan and his team destined for Tartarus. (James 1:6). Have peace because the outcome of the game is assured; we will and have already won. The trials we face just make us stronger for our overwhelming victory. We are in fact, more than even conquerers according to Paul in Romans 8:37. We are indeed hyperconquerors, as the Greek says. We are curb stompers alongside our Christ and King, Jesus.

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