It’s Time to get Back and be Persistent

My word of the year for 2023 will be “persistent.” I have started to turn around my life these past few months, from work to health, when for a long time I couldn’t take the first step. I didn’t want to drive to the gym after work. I didn’t want to clean the kitchen. I didn’t want to start a new writing project.

But then I took the first step and showed up. For example, I used to say to myself that I was too tired for a workout after work, so I’d wait till weekends. I never did weekends either because I was “too tired” from the work week. But finally at the end of November, I showed up. I just set a small, attainable, realistic goal: go for thirty minutes three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I didn’t have to be super strict about the thirty minutes, but try my best to reach it.

Now, I’ve been working out 30-45 minutes 6 times a week for the whole month of December. It turns out I do have the energy. I just had to show up and persist. Or as an old trainer would say, “Push, push, push!”

Now I showed up here on WordPress. My goal is to write twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays for a few paragraphs. I will show up and persist.

A Persistent Physician Assistant

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