When the Lyrics don’t Match, pt 3

Part 2 here One of the wisest men ever, second only to Solomon, was Ethan the Ezrahite, briefly mentioned in 1 Kings 4:31. We don’t know much else about him, but he did write Psalm 89, which begins like many worship songs we sing in church today do: “I will sing of the Lord’s unfailingContinue reading “When the Lyrics don’t Match, pt 3”

When the Lyrics don’t Match Up, pt. 2

Part 1 here King David is usually portrayed as a passionate worshiper, a man who praised God fervently through any storm in his life, from the time the previous king was trying to murder him to when his own son Absalom betrayed him to divide his kingdom. The image is that David stood strong inContinue reading “When the Lyrics don’t Match Up, pt. 2”

When the Lyrics don’t Match Up, pt 1

Sometimes I’m singing and the words of a song just don’t match up with what I’m feeling. Maybe a song goes “I feel Your peace now,” but instead my feelings are roiling inside. Maybe a song goes “Nothing will separate me from Your love,” but I feel I’m standing across a chasm from God’s presence.Continue reading “When the Lyrics don’t Match Up, pt 1”

When I Want to Give Up, pt. 6

Part 5 here I’ve written a little about Job here, and I recommend reading the short post before continuing. In summary, Job was afflicted with all sorts of calamity and pain he believed God unjustly sent. But in fact, the book affirms Job was never a sinner being punished by God, but rather it wasContinue reading “When I Want to Give Up, pt. 6”

When I Want to Give Up, pt. 5

See part 4 To Sleep, Perchance to Die I guess I was somewhat lucky this all took place during a summer. I was only 18, fresh out of high school, but instead of enjoying the sun, calling on friends, and doing other teenage things, I hid in my room, rummaging the internet for answers, anyContinue reading “When I Want to Give Up, pt. 5”