On Sexual Immorality, pt. 3

Part 1 covered Acts 15, the story of the young Church’s debate over what parts of the Law of Moses would be required for new Gentile believers. Part 2 zoomed in on one of the four requirements the Church picked: to abstain from sexual immorality. A summary of the four requirements: Exodus 34:12-17. Eating foodContinue reading “On Sexual Immorality, pt. 3”

Why are Teeth so Awesome yet so Creepy?

When I was in the third grade, we were learning about teeth. I remember being fascinated by their internal structure: the pulp, the dentin, the enamel. At the same time, it was like bile fascination, since I thought they were creepy little things to look at in real life. Nonetheless, I’d find myself doodling onContinue reading “Why are Teeth so Awesome yet so Creepy?”

The Joy of Fantasy

Check out the great fantasy blog Spot of Mummery. Reading it has inspired me to use picrew.me to make my own fantasy character. I think I’ll call him Eliseo, the Spanish form of the Old Testament prophet Elisha. I want to imagine him as a great miracle worker like Elisha, traveling the world and spreadingContinue reading “The Joy of Fantasy”

On Sexual Immorality, pt. 2

See pt. 1 The Original Design (Genesis 1:27, 2:18-24) Genesis says God created humans in His image. And it says he made two kinds of humans: male and female. But the first male, Adam, was created alone. God did say the man shouldn’t stay alone, so He set about looking for a partner for himContinue reading “On Sexual Immorality, pt. 2”

On Sexual Immorality, pt. 1

A Story of Circumcision In the beginning, the Church was only Jews. Jesus did come for the lost sheep of Israel after all. These Christian Jews accepted him as the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies. When the first Gentiles (a word that means non-Jews) accepted Him as the Christ, too, the Church was surprisedContinue reading “On Sexual Immorality, pt. 1”

Excellence is not Perfection

Excellence in our service to God is great, whether worshipping through music or caring for the needy. But excellence is not perfection. To excel literally means to rise out from somewhere, like a rocket or a comet. We shine as we shoot out into the darkness, bringing the lights of God’s praises into view forContinue reading “Excellence is not Perfection”

Let Us Not Neglect Our Meeting Together: The Pleasure in Gathering with the Church

“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.” (Hebrews‬ ‭10:25‬ ‭NLT‬‬) There’s a lot to be said about tradition, ceremony, and formality. A lot of good things. These things bind generation to generation, inspire awe andContinue reading “Let Us Not Neglect Our Meeting Together: The Pleasure in Gathering with the Church”