On Acceptance, pt. 3

See pt. 2 Headaches and the Hospital Stay 2019 did bring me literal headaches: daily ones I’d relieve with ibuprofen. I continued that habit in January of 2020. I should’ve known better as a PA than to overuse that medication, since it interferes with the production of mucus, a layer of which protects the stomachContinue reading “On Acceptance, pt. 3”

On Acceptance, pt. 1

If you’ve read this blog, you’ve seen the term acceptance elsewhere. I’d like to go deeper into its meaning, as well as its connection to the often misunderstood meekness. Come join me on my journey to accept acceptance. A Leap of Faith Every January, our young adult group holds a retreat to a far offContinue reading “On Acceptance, pt. 1”

We are Chosen for a Purpose, not just a Reason

I made this image while listening to a popular worship song Who You Say I Am. I got to wondering as I finished it up, why am I chosen? Why me of all people. Did I do something special? Am I special? I am glad not to be abandoned to the death and decay destinedContinue reading “We are Chosen for a Purpose, not just a Reason”