FOMO Can Take the Joy Out, Pt. 1

One of my favorite games is Pokémon Go. I’ve been playing some sort of Pokémon game since 1999, so I feel right at home. The old catchphrase was “Gotta Catch ‘em All!” but the mons were distributed among the versions of the game. For example, Meowth, one of my favorites was only found in theContinue reading “FOMO Can Take the Joy Out, Pt. 1”

Anyone Can Sing, Pt. 2: Some Basic Keys

See part 1 I believe singing is something we’re designed by God to do and enjoy, but it’s becoming a lost art for most people. It’s my belief that it is not black or white on whether you can or cannot ever sing. Like running or weightlifting, two other activities we’re designed to do, IContinue reading “Anyone Can Sing, Pt. 2: Some Basic Keys”

Christmas Stories are Joyful Things

Gazing at a Christmas tree can be therapeutic. Wondering at the stories behind the ornaments can be uplifting. This is when creativity can shine like the strings of lights. Imagine for yourself backgrounds for the charms hung all about. Connect their stories like stars in the night. There is joy in a story, particularly atContinue reading “Christmas Stories are Joyful Things”

Anyone Can Sing, Pt. 1: The Anatomy of Singing

I believe anyone can sing when they’re given the right tools. It’s especially helpful when we understand the built-in tools we have to work with: our vocal anatomy. Basic Anatomy. There’s more than just the vocal cords (aka the vocal folds). Other parts of the singing anatomy include the lungs, diaphragm, larynx, vocal folds mouth,Continue reading “Anyone Can Sing, Pt. 1: The Anatomy of Singing”