Light the Way in the Darkness, pt. 5

Part 4 here To light the way in the darkness, it’s not enough to simply shine a light. I have to leave the security of the mountains to travel through the valley roads where the lost live, where they toil and they die, all the while longing for a rest from suffering. In hopes ofContinue reading “Light the Way in the Darkness, pt. 5”

Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 4

See pt. 3 We Live in a Society… The way our Society (the World) is structured, even if we personally forgive everything a brother or sister has done to us, even if God Himself forgives a sin, Society demands punishment. And Society tends to get its way. Its laws still require the death of someoneContinue reading “Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 4”

Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 3

See pt 2 How Much to Forgive If I use the pattern of forgiveness given in the story of the servant who owed a million dollars, I naturally answer the question of how much debt to forgive: the entire thing. The story shows the servant should’ve had the same mercy on his friend, but theContinue reading “Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 3”

Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 2

See pt. 1 It’s Hard to Forgive The command to forgive is simple, the execution isn’t. Forgiveness can make me feel vulnerable to more pain. And it’s hard to forgive when what happened was particularly hurtful. Perhaps a friend humiliated me in front of a crowd. Perhaps a boss fired me to cover up forContinue reading “Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 2”

Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 1

A Life for a Life The death penalty for murder is well established for many people by appealing to the Law of Moses: “Whoever strikes someone so that he dies must surely be put to death.” (Exodus 21:12 NET) “‘If a man beats any person to death, he must be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:17Continue reading “Pay What You Owe Society, pt. 1”

On Sexual Immorality, pt. 3

Part 1 covered Acts 15, the story of the young Church’s debate over what parts of the Law of Moses would be required for new Gentile believers. Part 2 zoomed in on one of the four requirements the Church picked: to abstain from sexual immorality. A summary of the four requirements: Exodus 34:12-17. Eating foodContinue reading “On Sexual Immorality, pt. 3”

On Sexual Immorality, pt. 2

See pt. 1 The Original Design (Genesis 1:27, 2:18-24) Genesis says God created humans in His image. And it says he made two kinds of humans: male and female. But the first male, Adam, was created alone. God did say the man shouldn’t stay alone, so He set about looking for a partner for himContinue reading “On Sexual Immorality, pt. 2”