Too Good to Not Believe

Time to get real. This world we know is a flaming dumpster nuke fire of injustice, disease, and pain that, if we saw the true extent thereof, we’d look away in burning scorn, searing tears, and stinging heartache. You think your individual life is a mess? Consider the billions alive today suffering in some wayContinue reading “Too Good to Not Believe”

Anyone Can Sing, Pt. 1: The Anatomy of Singing

I believe anyone can sing when they’re given the right tools. It’s especially helpful when we understand the built-in tools we have to work with: our vocal anatomy. Basic Anatomy. There’s more than just the vocal cords (aka the vocal folds). Other parts of the singing anatomy include the lungs, diaphragm, larynx, vocal folds mouth,Continue reading “Anyone Can Sing, Pt. 1: The Anatomy of Singing”