Welcome to wandering.

I’ve been lost before, so some that wander really are at a loss. When I’ve quieted my soul, I’ve reached for the Creator’s Hand, hoping to find my place in His Creation, if only for a moment. I’m collecting these moments.

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Relaxation: What is it? Part 1

I’ve always found it difficult to relax. Sure, I can lay back and doze off, but taking a nap is both cheating and unfulfilling since I’m unconscious during it. I’ve never been one to meditate either, since my mind never stops moving. What’s bothersome is that the movement is aimless, not a useful kind ofContinue reading “Relaxation: What is it? Part 1”


I didn’t think of myself as uptight. I didn’t think of myself as perfectionist. I can point to my living space as proof against it: I don’t care about crooked pictures, crumbs on the floor, or dust on the decor. But as I look around the apartment, I see that the imperfections are skin deep,Continue reading “Flexibility”


In the eternal game of good versus evil, Jesus has curb stomped satan. Our side is so ahead, we are playing from a place of victory—we have the guaranteed win because this late in the game, there’s no way the enemy could ever score enough to catch up. The enemy just tries to do asContinue reading “Hyperconquerors”

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