Welcome to wandering.

I’ve been lost before, so some that wander really are at a loss. When I’ve quieted my soul, I’ve reached for the Creator’s Hand, hoping to find my place in His Creation, if only for a moment. I’m collecting these moments.

Latest from the Blog

Waiting between Patients

The time between patients can be so short I barely have enough time to hit “send” on the prescriptions page. Other time, there’s a long lull, like there is right now. This is when I start wondering if I’m making a difference in people’s lives. I don’t think about that when I’m in the zone…

I finally got around to putting away the Christmas tree and decorations. I tend to celebrate till Epiphany but it’s always sad for me to put them away. The living room feels empty now. Maybe I’ll put up the tree again in July, though. Speaking of Christmas in July, I’ve started the sequel to my…

Midweek Post

The first week of the year is halfway over. If you’re still doing your fitness resolution, congratulate yourself, because so many people didn’t even start! Push through those reps, eat those fruits, run that extra kilometer! It’ll be worth it when this time next year you look in the mirror and realize it’s no longer…

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